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ENT Specialist and Facial Plastic Surgeon
Anchorage and Wasilla, AK

Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery & ENT

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Welcome to Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT, where we provide comprehensive subspecialty medical and surgical care for facial plastic surgery, ENT, and head and neck oncology in Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska. Our elite team of board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons offers specialized care to patients of all ages. We have the best-trained, highest-quality ENT specialists in Anchorage and Wasilla and can meet all of your needs.

Who We Are

About Our Practice

At Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT, we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for specialized medical and surgical care in Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska. Our practice stands out for its commitment to excellence and comprehensive approach to addressing facial plastic surgery and ENT concerns.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Beyond aesthetics, facial plastic surgery also includes functional procedures aimed at improving breathing, speech, and overall facial harmony. These include procedures like septoplasty for nasal obstruction, otoplasty for prominent ears, and reconstructive surgery for facial trauma. With our team’s extensive training, you can trust our ENT specialists in Anchorage and Wasilla to deliver safe, effective treatments tailored to your individual needs, restoring both form and function.

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"I went to Dr. Magill for a second opinion of deviated septum and collapsed nasal passages. She was very clear, thorough, and understanding. I really like medical providers who are thoughtful, competent and to the point. I would highly recommend Dr. Magill for ENT procedures to anyone in need of a highly competent surgeon."

-R.H. | Real Client Review

ENT Care for All Ages

Sinus surgery is a specialized procedure for treating chronic sinusitis and other sinus-related issues. Our expert surgeons perform advanced sinus surgery techniques to alleviate symptoms such as nasal congestion, facial pain, and sinus pressure. By clearing blocked sinus passages and promoting proper drainage, sinus surgery can significantly improve breathing.

Ear infections, or otitis media, occur when the middle ear becomes inflamed due to bacterial or viral infections. This can lead to ear pain, fluid drainage, and hearing loss. Our expert team of ENT specialists in Anchorage and Wasilla provides treatments like ear tubes to promote drainage, tympanoplasty to repair eardrum perforations, and mastoidectomy to remove infected mastoid air cells.

Hearing loss (either partial or complete) can occur at any age due to various factors, including aging, noise exposure, genetics, infections, or trauma. Our team provides a comprehensive suite of treatments, ranging from bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHAs) to structural ear surgery and the treatment of chronic ear infections to restore your hearing abilities.

Eardrum perforations are tears or holes in the thin membrane separating the outer and middle ear, often caused by infection, trauma, or changes in pressure. Our surgeons treat eardrum perforations with surgeries like tympanoplasty, a procedure that repairs the eardrum, restores its function, and prevents complications like hearing loss and recurrent infections.

Functional nasal surgery addresses the structural abnormalities that obstruct breathing. Our surgeons specialize in procedures like septoplasty to correct deviated septums, turbinate reduction to alleviate nasal congestion, and sinus surgery to treat chronic sinusitis. With our expert care, you can improve your nasal airflow and overall quality of life.

Thyroid surgery, also known as thyroidectomy, involves removing part or all of the thyroid gland. It is typically performed to treat thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules, or hyperthyroidism that doesn’t respond to other treatments. Our surgeons specialize in thyroid and parathyroid surgery, providing personalized care to ensure optimal outcomes for patients with thyroid and parathyroid conditions.

Our pediatric ENT specialists in Anchorage and Wasilla can diagnose and treat all ear, nose, and throat disorders affecting your children. We offer a range of treatments for your children’s unique needs, including tongue-tie release, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, pediatric airway surgery, and congenital neck mass removal, ensuring the best possible outcomes for young patients.


Non-Surgical Treatments

Minimal Downtime, Major Results

Aesthetic injectables enhance facial aesthetics by reducing wrinkles, restoring volume, and rejuvenating the skin. We offer a comprehensive range of injectables, including BOTOX, JUVÉDERM, Restylane, Revanesse, and Sculptra, to address various aesthetic concerns, ranging from the loss of facial volume to thin lips and wrinkles.

IPL Photofacial is a non-invasive procedure that improves overall skin tone and texture. This treatment uses broad-spectrum light to target various skin imperfections, such as sun damage, age spots, redness, and uneven pigmentation. Our providers use IPL technology to rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful complexion without downtime.

Laser skin resurfacing uses advanced laser technology, such as the UltraPulse® CO2 laser, to improve skin texture, tone, and appearance. By targeting damaged skin cells, this treatment stimulates collagen production and effectively reduces wrinkles, scars, and other imperfections. Discover smoother, rejuvenated skin with our state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing.

Microneedling involves using a device equipped with fine needles to create tiny punctures on the skin’s surface. This process stimulates the skin’s natural healing response, promoting collagen and elastin production. At Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT, our microneedling treatments help improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and scars, and enhance overall skin tone.

RF microneedling combines traditional microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to enhance skin rejuvenation. This procedure delivers controlled thermal energy deep into the skin through tiny needles, stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin. Our treatments address wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars for a radiant complexion.

Head, Neck & Skin Cancer

Aiding Your
Health Journey

Cancer of the head, neck, or skin demands immediate attention and treatment. At Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT, our experienced team of ENT Specialists in Anchorage and Wasilla are proficient in diagnosing and treating various types of head and neck cancers, including sinus and nasal cancers. We offer advanced surgical interventions like laryngectomy and partial glossectomy to remove tumors and preserve function whenever possible, ensuring optimal outcomes for our patients.

Additionally, our practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer affecting the head and neck region. From melanoma to basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, our skilled surgeons are adept at performing precise removal procedures to eliminate cancerous growths. With a comprehensive approach to cancer care, including surgical excision and reconstruction, we offer all the support you need to beat and overcome cancer.



Dr. Magill was amazing. She listened to what I had to say and immediately saw the problem. Her bedside manner was also impeccable. Highly recommended!


Dr. Sansoni and his staff are an exceptional medical office. Very professional and attentive to my needs before and after my surgical procedure...


Dr. Magill is such a patient, caring, and empathetic doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone! I love that she has locations in Anchorage and the Valley...


Dr. Magill did my mother’s surgery and she did a stunning job!! My mother is happy and I’m happy!! She was so caring and considerate from the first appointment....


I went to Dr. Magill for a second opinion of deviated septum and collapsed nasal passages. She was very clear, thorough, and understanding. I really like medical providers who are thoughtful, competent and to the point...


This practice is amazing! Dr. Magill is so attentive and thorough. I would highly recommend....

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Alaska Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT is your premier destination for specialized medical and surgical care with ENT specialists in Anchorage and Wasilla. Our elite team of surgeons offers unparalleled expertise, with combined fellowships in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, advanced head and neck oncology, and rhinology/skullbase surgery. As a cohesive unit, we collaborate with each other on all complex cases to ensure exceptional outcomes. When you schedule your consultation, you benefit from the expertise of surgeons who have completed three fellowships — not one.

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